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Labor Law Posting Requirements for Arkansas

We are opening a new office in Arkansas and need some basic information about the labor law posting requirements for the facility. Can you enlighten us?

Sure. There are very specific labor law posting requirements that you need to follow if you are opening an office in Arkansas. If you also have an office in another state, then you are likely aware that there are state and federal labor law posting requirements that differ greatly. As an employer, you are required to post both the state and the federal labor law posters that pertain to your business. You are not, however, required to post information about those labor laws that you not impact your business directly. So, for example, if you are not required to offer unemployment insurance, then you do not necessarily have to post information about unemployment insurance.

When it comes to specific labor law posting requirements, they are broken down according to state and federal requirements. Here are the Arkansas state labor law posting requirements:


Minimum Wage

Unemployment Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

Here are the federal labor law posting requirements, which were updated for 2007:

Federal Minimum Wage (This labor law posting was updated in 2007. In order to be compliant, you will need to post a new labor law poster that reflects this change.)

USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Family and Medical Leave Act

OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection

IRS Withholding Notice

Payday Notice

Anti-Discrimination Notice

When you post these posters, make sure that they are displayed in a public area of your workplace that is easily accessible by all employees. A break room is a great place, for example. It is up to the employer to ensure that these posters are immediately replaced if they are removed or damaged. Also, the employer must update the poster as the labor laws change. Keep in mind that the federal minimum wage changed in 2007, so you will want to post a new poster in order to ensure that you are up to date and compliant. CB

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