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Laws Regarding Florida Labor Law Posters

We are looking for laws regarding labor law posters and requirements for the state of Florida. Can you supply us with information that we need?

Yes. For offices in states across the country, there are specific labor law notifications that the employer must post. These notification requirements vary based on each state, but the posting rules remain generally the same. The posting rules state that employers must post both the federal and the state labor laws that apply to a particular company. These labor law notifications are different.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that when a labor law changes, the posters reflect that change. In Florida, for example, the Florida minimum wage increased to $6.67 on January 1, 2007. Therefore, all Florida employers that are obligated to pay minimum wage rates to their workers must have the newest Florida labor law poster displayed in the workplace.

Employers must also ensure that the posters are displayed in an area that is easily accessed by all employees. Most employers will display their posters in the break room. Also, employers are responsible for replacing these posters in a timely manner if they are either damaged or destroyed.

Keep in mind that employers can include both the state and federal laws on one poster, or they can opt to include them on separate posters. However, both state and federal labor law notifications must be posted.

Here are the Florida labor law notifications that you are required to post:

The new Florida Minimum Wage


Anti-Fraud Notice

Workers’ Compensation Notice

Unemployment Insurance

“Equal Opportunity is the Law”

Child Labor Laws

And here are the federal posting requirements:

New 2007 Federal Minimum Wage

USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Family and Medical Leave Act

OSHA – Job Safety and Health Protection

IRS Withholding Notice

Payday Notice

Anti-Discrimination Notice

You can find both the state and federal posters (or both posters in one) on  CB

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