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Non-Smoking Laws in Louisiana

What non-smoking laws in Louisiana do business owners and managers need to follow?

As of January 1, 2007, Louisiana’s workplaces and restaurants are smoke-free. Also, the state smoking law in Louisiana allows local laws that are stricter to take precedence over the State law.  Business owners and managers will be held responsible for not enforcing the State smoking ban. Therefore, all owners and managers must be aware of the law and how it must be followed. 

In Louisiana smoking is not allowed in public buildings, enclosed workplaces, schools, or in any other public place. Places where smoking is not permitted must be clearly marked with signs that either read “No Smoking” or contain a picture of the universal sign for no smoking. Also, all ashtrays must be removed from any area where smoking is not allowed. 

The law does protect specific places and states that smoking may occur there. These places include private homes, hotel and motel rooms (as long as they are labeled as “Smoking Rooms” and the number of rooms doesn’t exceed 50% of the total number of rooms in the establishment), bars, retail stores that primarily sell tobacco and tobacco products, private rooms in apartments and other living facilities, convention facilities that are being used for private purposes, any operation that deals with tobacco, and any outdoor workplace. 

Any person caught smoking in a non-smoking area will be fined. The fine will increase each time the same person is caught breaking the law. 

Any employer who is caught violating the non-smoking law will be fined as well. The fine is one hundred dollars for the first offense. The employer will then be fined another two hundred and fifty dollars for the second offense. Finally, the employer will be fined five hundred dollars for each subsequent infraction. It is the responsibility of the employer to know about the Louisiana non-smoking laws and any local laws that might apply as well. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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