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Nevada Non-Smoking Laws for the Workplace

What are the smoking laws that employers need to follow in Nevada?

The Nevada Clean Indoor Act restricts smoking in many public places in the state. These public places where smoking is prohibited include but aren’t limited to child care facilities, movie theaters, restaurants (all indoor areas), grocery stores, retail stores, malls, and movie theaters. 

Smoking is allowed in several places in the state of Nevada. These places include casinos, strip clubs, brothels, and stand-alone bars (including taverns and saloons). Smoking is also allowed in retail tobacco stores in the state. Smoking is also allowed in private residences. However, if there is a child care facility or any type of health care facility in the home then smoking is not allowed. If the home is used as a private office, smoking is permitted. 

Owners and managers must make sure they comply with the smoking law. Part of compliance involves the owners and managers posting signs that state that smoking is not allowed in the areas where smoking is prohibited. These signs must be easy to read and they must be placed at entrances where people will easily see them. These signs must read “No Smoking” or contain the international symbol for “No Smoking” on them. Additionally, owners and managers must remove ashtrays and all other smoking paraphernalia from areas where smoking is prohibited. 

Any person who violates the smoking ban can be charged with a misdemeanor. Also, any business owner or manager who doesn’t follow the law and enforce it, will also be subject to punishments under the law. 

In December of 2006 a group of business tried to challenge the non-smoking law in the Clark County District Court. The law was challenged on the grounds that it was too vague. However, the law was upheld and remains in effect. The law suit is currently waiting to be reviewed by the Nevada Supreme Court. CR

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