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Delaware Minimum Wage

What is the Delaware Minimum Wage?

 On January 1, 2008 the Delaware minimum wage will increase from $6.65 to $7.15. If the minimum wage in Delaware ever falls below the federal minimum then it is automatically replaced by the federal rate until the state minimum wage rises above the federal minimum. The minimum wage will increase again in July 2009 to $7.25 per hour.Payment of a minimum wage is designed to protect workers from abuse of low wage payments by some employers.

Minimum wage laws are updated yearly for many states. Delaware is scheduled to change the state minimum wage rates on January 1, 2008. The increase does not make Delaware one of the higher paying states but it does keep the state above the federal minimum.

Since its inception the minimum wage has risen over time due to inflation and legislators increases. States that are near Delaware have a variety of minimum wage rates. Connecticut has a current minimum wage rate of $7.65 which is $ .50 higher than Delaware. Massachusetts has one of the highest minimum wage rates which will be $8.00 as of January 1, 2008. New York’s minimum wage remains $7.15.Therefore Delaware is lower than most of its East Coast counterparts but not the lowest in the country.

 There are exceptions to the minimum wage rules. Businesses and organizations that are exempt include disabled workers, student learners, tipped employees, agricultural workers, domestic service providers, commissioned sales people, white collar executives and professionals, state inmates and volunteer workers. “Tipped” employees include waiters or waitresses, who can be paid a minimum wage of $2.33 per hour. These employees must receive at least the minimum wage when salary and gratuities are combined.  If not, the employer must make up the difference.

There are frequent changes to the minimum wage and all employers in Delaware must change their minimum wage posters to remain in compliance. More information is available at GW

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