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Idaho Hostile Work Environment

Can a supervisor be biased against an employee who has made repeated complaints to the HR department in Idaho? And, does an employer have the right to ignore an employee’s charges of a hostile work environment?

These types of issues in Idaho are addressed by a particular federal law. According to the Civil Rights Act of 1967, under Title VII, employers are not allowed to retaliate against any workers who officially complain about any form of discriminatory behavior.

So, even if a discrimination claim were to turn out to be unfounded, it would be illegal for a supervisor, or for an employer, to retaliate against workers. There are, of course, different types of retaliation, including disciplinary action, firing, as well as a number of other actions.

It is important that employees understand that they should only make claims of discrimination in good faith. A good faith complaint is one that is filed with no intention of defrauding the company.

Some people may not have heard of Whistleblower Acts. These are federal and state laws that prohibit companies from retaliating in any way against workers when they report any type of unsafe working environment. They also apply to other types of law violations, including overtime laws and minimum wage laws.

In addition to the federal Whistleblower Acts, there are also a few states that have the same type of laws.

Responding to the second question is a bit more complex. “Does an employer have the right to ignore an employee’s complaints of a hostile work environment?” Essentially, it would not be a very smart move for any company to ignore such complaints.

The primary reason for this is that hostile work environments fall under the category of illegal discrimination. Hostile work environments can only exist when workers that are part of a protected group are being harassed in some way at work. Protected groups include members of a particular religion, race, color, sex, national ancestry, disability status, or age.

In general, if organizations receive complaints, they initially conduct an internal investigation. This is so they can determine whether or not the claim has any validity. JH

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