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How much overtime can a company work a salaried employee

I work in the beverage industry and I make more than $455 per week. I am required to work about 10 hours per day plus most Saturdays. I do not get comp days and I do not get overtime because I am salaried. I have worked 60 to 70 hours in a week and I am almost always over 50+ hours each week. I only have one day off most of the time. Are companies in Oklahoma allowed to work you as much as they want without paying overtime even if you make over $455 per week. I am a supervisor over about 20 employees but I am not a manager. I am a production supervisor.

Yes, under federal law an employer can require a salaried exempt worker to put in 55 or more hours per week, every week.  There is no limit on the number of hours an employer can require. Many employers require salaried workers to put in 70 or 80 hours per week – or more. While this practice reduces employee morale and can cause high turnover, it’s not illegal.

Not every salaried employee who earns more than $455 per week is exempt from overtime. Under federal law, that depends upon the employee’s primary duties. For a final determination on the salaried exempt status for your job, contact the US Department of Labor – but it sounds as if you may very well be salaried exempt.  

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