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Recommendation for employees with insubordination

how can i make recommendation letter regarding insubordination of employees. What format and how can i start it. What right words will be appropriate for this

Sorry, but we do not entirely understand your question.

A letter of recommendation is usually a letter filled with glowing praise that an employer gives a former employee. The former employee can then show the letter to potential employers, as evidence of the employees abilities. This helps the former employee secure a job. Obviously, most employers will not write a letter of recommendation for an employee who is insubordinate or was terminated for cause. The employer politely declines to do so.

By the way, employers should always call and check references, and not rely on letters of recommendation.

It may be that you are actually interested in how to create a written reprimand for an employee who is insubordinate. This is not usually done in a letter. Most employers use preprinted forms, such as the Employee Warning forms on:

If you would prefer to create your own memo for reprimands, you should include the employees full name, the date of the incident, and the problem (in this case insubordination). The form should have a space for the employee to sign and return it, and the employee should be given a signed copy for his or her records.

The best practice in HR is to discuss this warning with the employee. The memo or Employee Warning sheet simply documents that the matter was discussed with the employee. Therefore, the date it was discussed with the employee should be on the form, as well.

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