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How many times can a person serve jury duty in 1 calendar year??

I have an employee that takes off at least 2 weeks each month for a different jury case summons. Is this possible? I have only been called once in my life. And I am 37 yrs old and vote every year!!

No, this is not possible. In most states, a registered voter can only be called for jury service once per year. And, the overwhelming majority of jurors are called for just a day or two.

You should be requiring that the employee show proof that she served on the jury. Usually this is a form signed by the judge or bailiff, although it varies from state to state. You should also check with your state court system, to see how often a voter can be called. They should have a system in place that allows employers to check to see if the employee is genuinely on jury duty. At the very least, you should see the jury summons before the employee takes the leave.

It is also possible that you are requiring proof, and your employee has a friend or relative who works for the court system, who is falsifying documents for her. In that case, you should report both of them to the police, and the court system.

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