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reduction in work hours letter

I need to write a letter to my hourly employees informing them of a reduction in there work hours from 40 to 35 hours a week.

Many employers are in the same position. The best practice in HR is to inform employees one full pay period in advance, if possible. We assume that you do not routinely post a weekly schededule. If you did, a letter would probably be unnecessary.

In your case, you might simply write a letter or memo that says something like:

Due to the current financial climate, our company will reduce the standard workweek for all hourly employees from 40 hours per week to 35 hours per week, effective June 12, 2009. Employees working 35 hours per week will continue to enjoy full-time benefits such as health insurance coverage.

Please be assured that this is not a step we take lightly. As an employer, we recognize that this change will have an impact on employees and their families.  However, in order to avoid more  drastic measures such as layoffs, we find it necessary to take this action at this time. We appreciate your continued cooperation during these tough economic times, and look forward to better days ahead.



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2 Responses to “reduction in work hours letter”

  1. maxwell Says:

    how do i write note to my manager about my hours reduce, because of my son?

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Hi maxwell! If possible, it would be better to discuss this with your manager face to face. When you do so, discuss the advantages of this system for the employer — not just the benefits for yourself. If possible, try to offer a workable alternative — maybe by finding a coworker who wants to work extra hours.
    Keep in mind that you are asking the manager for a favor — there is no law that the employer must allow you to work the hours you prefer. (You are entitled to take time off under FMLA if your son has a serious health condition.) Also remember that if the employer allows you to do this, he or she must allow all the other employees to also dictate their own schedules. The employer may simply tell you that if you cannot work your current hours, you can quit or be fired.
    Many employers believe that it is unwise to allow employees to dictate the work schedule. Other employers might be happy to reduce your hours, because it means they will not have to pay you as much money.HTH, and thanks for reading the blogs~Caitlin

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