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7 minute rule

do you have a cheat sheet for the seven minute rule

Sure! Under the 7 minute rule, clock in and clock out times on timecards are rounded to the nearest quarter hour. It is called the *7 minute rule* because the cutoff is 7 minutes after the clock-in time. Suppose an employee is scheduled to clock in at 8 am. If she clocks in at 8:07 am, it is rounded to 8:00 am and she is on time. But if she clocks in at 8:08 am, it is rounded to 8:15 am and she is late.

Here it is. Just substitute any hour for 8 am:

7:53 am to 8:07 am = 8:00 am

8:08 am to 8:22 am = 8:15 am

8:23 am to 8:37 am = 8:30 am

8:38 am to 8:52 am = 8:45 am

8:53 am to 9:07 = 9:00 am

You can substitute any hour for 8 am. For example, when an employee clocks in at 6:53 pm it is rounded to 7 pm.

Many time clocks and computerized payroll programs automatically round an employees hours using the 7 minute rule. This rule is legal under federal and state minimum wage laws, as long as employees time is always rounded.


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4 Responses to “7 minute rule”

  1. jose matias Says:

    Is this a federal/state law? Is it applicable everywhere there’s a time clock or if only implemented by the HR dept where one works?

  2. hrlady Says:

    HI Jose, The FLSA (the federal law on employee compensation) allows an employer to round employee time to the nearest quarter hour. Rounding is not required by law but it’s permissible. Thus, the rule only applies if an employer rounds employees’ time.

  3. jose matias Says:

    if i clock in 7 minutes early can i clock out 7 minutes early?

  4. hrlady Says:

    That’s completely up to the employer.

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