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7 minute rule

do you have a cheat sheet for the seven minute rule

Sure! Under the 7 minute rule, clock in and clock out times on timecards are rounded to the nearest quarter hour. It is called the *7 minute rule* because the cutoff is 7 minutes after the clock-in time. Suppose an employee is scheduled to clock in at 8 am. If she clocks in at 8:07 am, it is rounded to 8:00 am and she is on time. But if she clocks in at 8:08 am, it is rounded to 8:15 am and she is late.

Here it is. Just substitute any hour for 8 am:

7:53 am to 8:07 am = 8:00 am

8:08 am to 8:22 am = 8:15 am

8:23 am to 8:37 am = 8:30 am

8:38 am to 8:52 am = 8:45 am

8:53 am to 9:07 = 9:00 am

You can substitute any hour for 8 am. For example, when an employee clocks in at 6:53 pm it is rounded to 7 pm.

Many time clocks and computerized payroll programs automatically round an employees hours using the 7 minute rule. This rule is legal under federal and state minimum wage laws, as long as employees time is always rounded.


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