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Number of restrooms required

Could you advise me on the standard number facilities required per employee—ie. for 100 employees 50 men and 50 women—what would be the requirement

Yup, we can. In most states, the number of toilets is dictated by OSHA, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is covered under OSHA CFR 1910.141, on Sanitation.

For 50 female employees, you would require 3 toilets or *water closets* as OHSA so quaintly calls them. The 3 toilets could be in separate, lockable stalls in a single restroom.

For 50 male employees, you are also required to have 3 toilets or *water closets*. However, this requirement could be satisfied by having 1 urinal and 2 toilets. (2 urinals and 1 toilet would not be sufficient.) Again, the two toilets could be in a communal restroom inside lockable stalls.

Or, you could have 6 unisex toilets total, each in a separate lockable room.

For more info, scroll down on this page to Table J-1:

Be aware that a number of states have state agencies that regulate worker safety. However, by law their standards must be at least as strict as the OSHA standards.   

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