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California Break Room Requirements

Is there a law that requires a break room for a company that employs a minimum of X number of people? Does a law that required a break room depend on the type of company?

The answers to your questions are sometimes, and yes.

California law requires that when the employees are required to eat on the premises, you as the employer must designate a *suitable place for that purpose.* Usually, this means a cafeteria or break room. However, the construction, drilling, logging and mining industries are specifically excluded from this law.

In addition, if any portion of the shift occurs between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, there must be hot food and drink available to employees, either free or for purchase. If not, then there must be facilities to heat food or drink — usually meaning a microwave. In addition, a suitable sheltered place must be provided to consume the food and drink. There are a few industries that are exempt from this regulation, primarily agriculture and household workers.

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Human Resources Management.
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7 Responses to “California Break Room Requirements”

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  6. mapuana Says:

    can i request certain programming not be watched on community television in breakroom?

  7. Caitlin Says:

    Hi mapuana! You can certainly make any request that you like. If it is a community TV, then there should be a process in place for determining what shows are viewed.It will probably work better if you focus on the positive. Suggest watching an alternate show, instead of simply saying “I do not like that show.”

    If you find certain material racist or sexist, or if it violates your religious principles, then you have a strong argument that it should not be played at work. In that case, if your request is denied, you should take it to the HR department.

    Unfortunately, if what you object to is political commentary, or simply bad TV, and the majority of your coworkers want to see it, then you may be stuck. HTH, and thanks for reading the blogs!~ Caitlin

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