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FMLA Categories

I am trying to locate FMLA Categories for health problems. Can you tell me where to locate this. I work in a medical office.

There is really only one category for FMLA and that is a serious health condition. Many, many conditions qualify as a serious health condition, including mental illnesses, pregnancy, chronic conditions like migraines, alcoholism and drug dependence, arthritis, depression, panic attacks, epilepsy, etc.etc.

Pregnancy is always a serious health condition. So is any condition that requires medical treatment and has a 3-day period of incapacity. So is a condition that requires an appointment with a healthcare professional plus continuing treatment, such as a cast or prescription medication. So is treatment for a chronic condition — this allows the patient to take time off work for medical appointments, tests, physical therapy, etc.

Read more about this at:

Many doctors traditionally have thought of FMLA only in terms of patients who were seriously ill with cancer, a heart attack or stroke, etc. However, employers are increasingly requiring FMLA forms from employees who take as little as one or two days off work for an illness. An employer can even require FMLA forms from an employee who takes an hour or two off work for a doctors appointment.

 See the suggested certification form at:  Although this form provided by the U.S. Department of Labor includes space for a diagnosis, that information is not necessary and under HIPAA can only be supplied with the patients permission. The doctor can certify a serious health condition without providing a diagnosis, under the new FMLA regulations implemented in 2009.

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