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Time and attendance

In our time and attendance program, schedules are set up for not clocking in 10 minutes early and not clocking out more than 6 minutes late, so as not to accrue overtime. In the state of Virginia, can we lengthen this time frame?

You can and should lengthen this time frame in Virginia or any other state. In fact, it was probably unlawful for you to set such limits on the timeclock in the first place. This is an example of poor use of timeclock technology.

By law an employer in Virginia or any other state must pay employees for all the time the employees work. This is true, even if the employee is coming in early or working late without permission.

Suppose Jane works 30 minutes late on Tuesday. However, you have set the time clock so that she cannot clock out, and is paid only for working her scheduled shift. You are in violation of state and federal minimum wage laws, and perhaps the federal overtime law as well.

If employees are actually working time that the cannot clock in or out for, you are breaking the law.

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