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Pro-rate time for vacation, sick time and personal time

If an employee works 40 hours per week, 2080 hours per year

Vacation – 10 days per year (pro-rated)

Sick leave – 5 days per year (pro-rated)

Personal – 2 days per year (pro-rated)

I need to know how to pro-rate.

To prorate benefits, divide the average number of hours worked per week by 40. Multiply that by the hours of vacation, sick leave and personal days for a full-time employee.

Example: Kawame works 20 hours per week instead of 40 hours per week. 20/40= 0.5. Then multiply 0.5 x 80 hours vacation =40 hours of vacation. 0.5 x 40 hours of sick leave = 20 hours of sick leave for Kawame. 0.5 x 16 hours of personal time = 8 hours of personal time.

This formula works regardless of the number of hours the part-time employee averages per week. Try it on your own: assume Trina works 16 hours per week and prorate her benefits. Answer below.

Answer: Trina works 16 hours so 16/40= 0.4. Then 0.4 x 80 =32 hours of vacation. 0.4 x 40 = 16 hours of sick leave. 0.4 x 16 = 6.4 hours of personal time per year.

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