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Pro-rate time for vacation, sick time and personal time

If an employee works 40 hours per week, 2080 hours per year

Vacation – 10 days per year (pro-rated)

Sick leave – 5 days per year (pro-rated)

Personal – 2 days per year (pro-rated)

I need to know how to pro-rate.

To prorate benefits, divide the average number of hours worked per week by 40. Multiply that by the hours of vacation, sick leave and personal days for a full-time employee.

Example: Kawame works 20 hours per week instead of 40 hours per week. 20/40= 0.5. Then multiply 0.5 x 80 hours vacation =40 hours of vacation. 0.5 x 40 hours of sick leave = 20 hours of sick leave for Kawame. 0.5 x 16 hours of personal time = 8 hours of personal time.

This formula works regardless of the number of hours the part-time employee averages per week. Try it on your own: assume Trina works 16 hours per week and prorate her benefits. Answer below.

Answer: Trina works 16 hours so 16/40= 0.4. Then 0.4 x 80 =32 hours of vacation. 0.4 x 40 = 16 hours of sick leave. 0.4 x 16 = 6.4 hours of personal time per year.

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2 Responses to “Pro-rate time for vacation, sick time and personal time”

  1. Yolonda Says:

    If an employee started off as part-time on April 1st. and went to full-time on October 1st, how would I prorate full-time vacation/sick time for the remaining of the year.

    I prorated it on a part-time basis when they came aboard, but do not know how to calculate for the full-time status for the Oct. to Dec.


  2. hrlady Says:

    Hi Yolonda,
    Determine how many pto hours the employee would accrue on a full time basis per week and times it by the number of weeks remaining. For example, an employee receiving 80 pto hours per year accrues 1.54 hours per week (80 hours/52 weeks a year = 1.54 hours accrued per week); thus, the employee would be owed 21.56 pto hours (1.54 hours accrued per week x 14 weeks = 21.56) for the remainder of the year. HTH!

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