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Do tempory employees have to follow the same attendance policy as full time employees of the company or do they follow the temp agency policy with regards to attendance and time worked?

Theoretically the temp could follow the attendance policy of the temp agency, but if they do, they may find that that there is no more work for them in the very near future.

Example: Suppose your company, ABC, Inc. hires Tina, a temp from the XYZ Temp Agency, to fill in while a permanent employee is on maternity leave. You require that an employee who will be absent call 2 hours before his or her scheduled shift. XYZ Temp Agency requires only that an employee who will be absent call 1 hour before the scheduled shift. Tina is absent one day and calls XYZ Temp Agency 1 hour before her scheduled shift. As a client, you can inform XYZ Temp Agency that you no longer want Tina on the job. You can also let XYZ Temp Agency know that they must send you an employee who can call 2 hours ahead, or you will use another temp agency.

XYZ Temp Agency may not have a valid reason to fire Tina. After all, she followed their attendance policy. However, they cannot send her to your company to work any more, and may not have another suitable assignment for her.

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