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the employee is been sick a lot and too many days absent

I have employee is been working with us for 6 months,  but every month she misses a day for sickness of the child or her illness or her personal problems. Also we give her a final warning about a week ago. She requested time off to go to the doctor and the next day she called in sick. Can we fire her? 

Yes, in most states you can fire this employee for non-attendance — meaning she simply is not available to work as often as you need her. Many employers would terminate any employee who had more than one absence in the first 60 days of employment for any reason. Many employers would also terminate any employee who took a day off for a personal problem during the first 60 or 90 days of employment.

This answer would be different in a few states if the time off was related to the employees disability, or to domestic violence, but there is no indication in your question that this is so. A few states have state family leave laws that might require leave if the employee had been with your company longer.

It is usually wise to terminate an employee who has attendance problems within the first few months. The employees attendance over time usually gets worse, not better.


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