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Partime & Temp workers!

I am about to get into a business of my own here in Illinois. It is a small retail gas station and was wondering about rules regarding hiring partime and temp help. I was thinking about hiring 2 temp. and 4 partime workers and was wondering what type of paper work i need to have with them when hiring. In order to hire someone temp. for few months what type of agreement there has to be between employer and employee.

For temporary employees, you should generate an offer letter that clearly states their position is temporary, with a designated time frame such as *for up to 6 months.* Have them sign this letter and keep a copy in the personnel files. This will provide proof to the unemployment agency that these employees were temporary, if it becomes necessary in the future.There is no requirement that you have part-time employees sign a letter, and it may be a liability to do so. Your payroll records showing they were only scheduled to work part-time are the only proof needed.

You do not say what your motive for hiring only temp and part-time workers is, and it may make a difference. Often, temporary employees do not qualify for unemployment, but part-time workers do. There is currently no federal or Illinois law that requires you to provide benefits for any worker, whether they are full-time or part-time. Two part-time employees may be more flexible than one full-time employee, but full-time employees are generally more loyal if they are treated fairly.

Obviously, you still need to report these hires to the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) and fill out all the usual forms including state and federal W2 forms, and an I-9 for each employee. It is also wise to have an employee handbook and have each employee sign one page, indicating that he or she understands the company policies.

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