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Salaried employees

If an employee is salaried vs. hourly and they have a day out for being sick can I deduct the day from pay?
I know if an hourly employee doesnt show then I can but what about a Salaried employee

A salaried employee can be either exempt or nonexempt under the federal FLSA, depending upon job duties.

If the salaried employee is exempt, generally she must be paid the same salary every week, regardless of how many or how few hours she works during the week.  Under the federal FLSA, if you do not offer a paid sick leave program, the exempt employee must always be paid when she takes a sick day. (That sounds backwards, but that is the way the law works.)

Different rules apply if you do  offer a genuine paid sick leave program. If the exempt employee has used up all her paid sick leave, and she takes an additional full day off work, you need not pay her for that day. However, be aware that if an exempt employee does any work at all during the day, even a few minutes of work like checking email from home, she must be paid her usual salary for the day.  

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