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Storing Employee Medical Records

Can employee medical files be scanned and stored electronically instead of paper files?

Yes, you can store confidential medical records electronically, however, you must provide security that is as least as good as for paper documents. The paper documents should be shredded after scanning.

Coworkers should never have access to medical records. Usually, supervisors and managers should also be restricted from looking at medical records. Access should be limited to top-level HR staff and one or more C-level employees. Even they should access the records only when they have a valid need to do so. The passwords should provide high security and should be changed regularly.

When you implement an electronic storage system for sensitive documents, you also need to have a tracking system in place, so that you can see who accessed the records and when. You also need to take reasonable precautions to prevent access by hackers or anyone outside the company. You should conduct regular reviews to ensure that the medical records are not being accessed inappropriately by anyone, inside or outside the company.

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Workplace Management.
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