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If I ask an employee to come in to the office to discuss some issues we are having with her, do I have to pay her in Colorado?

The short answer to this question is “Yes.”  Both federal and Colorado minimum wage laws require the employer to pay employees for all time worked. The laws define work as including any time that you require the employee to be on the premises or in a meeting. If you require the employee to be on company property, she must be paid for that time. If you require her to attend a meeting with you or others at work, she must be paid for that time.

Basically, unless the employee is free to skip a meeting and go to the movies instead, you must pay her for that time. If you are expecting or requiring an employee to attend, that is paid work time.  If this results in the employee working more than 40 hours in the payroll week, she must be paid overtime.

One solution to this problem is to schedule meetings during the hours the employee is normally scheduled to work. Another is to schedule meetings just before or after her usual shift — but either way, meeting with you is work time and the employee must be paid for it.

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