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Suspended without pay exempt employee

In Arizona can a company suspended an employee without pay ? If so for how long ? Should the employee get paper work ?

Yes, both exempt and nonexempt employees may be suspended without pay. One of the permitted Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt pay deductions is for suspensions for violations of major safety or workplace conduct rules.

How long the suspension continues is up to the employer. Employers are always free to schedule employees as they see fit, including less than the regularly scheduled hours per day or week. Ordinarily, if an employer does not schedule an exempt employee due to lack of work or some other cause not attributable to the employee, they must still pay that employee his or her regular weekly salary. However, as stated above, employers are permitted to impose unpaid suspensions for certain violations. Additionally, if an exempt employee performs no work during a workweek, the employer does not need to pay him or her for the week.


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