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privacy violation?

Our HR lady continually tells private information about employees. Recently, she received a garnishment in the mail about one of the employees and proceeded to tell us all who was being garnished. The person would be humiliated to know she had aired her private business for all to hear.
Is this illegal or just bad judgement?

It is bad judgement and in certain cases not legal to disclose information regarding employees. In the United States various types of information, regarding employees, is called “protected” and is not disclosed.  Most companies provide for ethics or confidentiality policies that ensure certain information regarding their employees or business is safeguarded.

Sometimes, certain information needs to be shared from Human Resources to payroll for deduction purposes on payroll. This information should be restricted to as a needs to know basis. Without knowing your companies policy it is difficult to say what is legal. However, I thank you for visiting Your legal question would be more appropriate on our other website which we encourage you to visit

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Human Resources Management.
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