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vacaton benefit policy

some of our employees are requesting that are policy be improved – when i wrote the policy i only went as far as the 8th anniversary. most of our employees are well over that. we work in a physician office and the problem is that if i change it too much; employees will be getting more vacation time than the physicians. any ideas?

A good policy determines who is eligible and the days they are entitled to. From your question, it appears that the physicians do not have as many years of service as some of your employees. A suggestion is to write a different policy for your physicians, have them accumulate vacation time at an accelerated rate.  It is not unusual to have two different levels of accruals for employees in different classification, such as physicians.

Vacation policies usually increase and become more generous as years of service increase. Most vacation policies cap at 10, 15, or 20 years of service. You did not mention the weeks vacation for 8 years but here is a suggestion (you can tweak):

EMPLOYEE                                                                     PHYSICIAN

Less than 1 year of service = 0                                     Less than 1 year of service = 1 week (prorated)

1 to 3 years of service = 1 week                                   1 to 3 years of service = 2 weeks

3 to 8 years of service = 2 weeks                                  3 to 8 years of service = 3 weeks

8 to 12 years of service = 3 weeks                                8 to 12 years of service = 4 weeks

12 years of service or greater = 4 weeks                       12 years to 15 years of service  = 5 weeks

15 years of service or greater = 6 weeks

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