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Unpaid Time Off

In Michigan, if a salaried employee has used up all of their available paid time off, can they take time off unpaid? For example, the employee has 4 hours of paid time off left and takes a day off. This would make them 4 hours “negative” in paid time off. Can they just ask to not be paid for 4 hours?

The labor laws in Michigan do not require employers to provide paid time off. However, Michigan law does require employers to comply with all time off policies stated in their written documents.

Basically, if the written policy or practice of the Company allows for time off without pay then it is acceptable. Time off without pay would not put the employee in a negative balance for PTO, it would be non-paid. However, if you pay the employee the 4 hours that is not available, then yes, you would run a negative balance. Running a negative balance for paid time off is not a good business practice. If one employee is allowed time off with pay with no available balance, then it starts a practice. Then all employees can ask for time off with pay with no available balance.

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Human Resources Management.
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