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No call, No show during the 2nd week of training

Virginia is an “at will employment”state. I have an employee who started 9/5/12. He called me Friday to report a death in the extended family. He told me”no matter what, i will be in Monday”. I have no voicemail from him as of this morning and he is not in. We have a clause in our Employee handbook that defines call in proceedures(they must call in daily and speak to their supervisor everyday untill they return). It also states that the first 90-days is a probationary period and that the employee or employer may terminate at anytime and for any reason. Would we have to wait 2 days to consider him a “No call, No show”?

You should follow your procedure for no call no show. If your normal procedure is to terminate the employee after two days of “no call, no show” then you will need to wait until Tuesday. However if the employee did not call in today, and your procedure is to┬áterminate┬áthat day, then you do not need to wait. In addition, if he is in violation of your procedure that he must call in each day and speak to his supervisor, and he did not, then he can be terminated.

Regardless, any violation or poor performance can be grounds for termination during a probationary period.

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