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how do you calculate the switch vacation from available 1/1 each year to avail. anniversary date.

An employee that switched from Salary to hourly status, which also switched when Vacation is available each year.
His Anniversary is 7/9

In 2012 he had 168 hours vacation on 1/1/2012, in September 2012 he transferred / switched positions and now his vacation is available on his anniversary date which is 7/9 so on 7/9/13 he should have 176 hours vacation.
what would the calculation be for vacation from 1/1/13 until 7/9/13?

Based on an accrual of 168 hours of vacation per year the calculation is (168 divided by 52 weeks) = 3.23 hours of vacation accrual per week. If the employee’s vacation time increased to 176 hours of vacation per year the calculation is (176 divided by 52 weeks) = 3.38 hours of vacation accrual per week.

Between 1-1-2013 and 7-6-2013 there are 27 weeks.

If the employee is accruing at 3.23 hours per week you times the number of weeks by the accrual amount which is     3.23 times 27 weeks = 87.21 hours

If the employee is accruing at 3.38 hours the calculation is 3.38 hours times 27 weeks which is 91.26

In calculating vacation down to a weekly accrual amount you take the number of vacation hours per year (120 hours or 3 weeks) then divide by 52 weeks. Or in trying to calculate for a period of time, count the number of weeks then multiply by the accrual hours per week.

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