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Implementing new policy

My company would like to implement a new policy beginning this year that all employees, including salary, fill out and submit weekly time cards. My supervisors do not think this policy will be well received. How can we better present it in a favorable way than posting the document?

Once you have established the new policy, write a talking points or question and answer sheet detailing why the policy was established and the new rules for reporting.  The next step is to schedule meetings with your employees to discuss the new reporting system. The first group of meetings should be held with managers and supervisors, it get their “buy-in”. Handout the new policy and the question and answer sheet, at that meeting. You should also discuss with supervisors why the new procedure was needed and allow them to ask questions. You should ask managers and supervisors to discuss the pro and cons and ask them what their employees will think of the new procedure. Be prepared to discuss those items if they come up in employee meetings.

Typically, face to face meetings with employees will stop the rumors at the water cooler. Also by allowing the employees to ask questions, it gives them sense of participation and it appears the policy is not being forced on them. Do not change anything to policy based on input from managers, supervisors or employees, but you can reassure them their concerns will be address.

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