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vacation pay in california

my company have a new vacation olicy starting from the 1st of march where else employees that have accumulated more than 180 hours cannot acruel any more vacation time untill the take those vacation tme or reduced to below 180 hrs. I have about 5 employees who have accumulated more than 250 hrs before the new policy ,and its not posible to let all 5 take those vacation hrs this time at the same time.The new policy starts tommorrow which means they cannot acruel any more vacation time .My question is is it legal sto to stop them from acrueling more vacation time even though they all cannot use theier acruel vacation time now?

Employers do have the right to “cap” vacation accrual time. However it is not legal for employers to impose a “use it or stop accruing it” policy when they reached the cap, while implementing a new policy. Typically, the company will pay out the amount over the accrued time.

Also, in a situation that you described, a onetime extension may be given for the employees to use the accrued vacation over the new implemented amount.

You should also check any state laws regarding use it or lose it rules.

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Human Resources Management.
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