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Excessive absences with doctor note

I have staff that are currently calling off sick, then they go to their physician and retrieve a note excusing them for 3 or more days. In some of the cases they have doctors note for 5 days including their days off. I would like to know if our agency has to honor these doctors note and what are our rights under the law in reference to excessive time off. Also, some of the staff are currently on a probationary period. As an employer what type of discipline can we impose to avoid this type of conduct from the staff.

Doctor’s notes must always be honored, however, you can request a second opinion, but it will cost you unless you set up an arrangement with a physician office. During a probation period excessive absence can be grounds for dismissal, so you can take advantage of that option.

As for employees that are not under probation, you should implement an attendance policy. However, one day off or five will be counted as one occurrence. But for those employees who take advantage of the doctor’s notes, it can reap serious implications such as two absences can reap a two day suspension and the third offensive, termination. This is the best way to handle excessive absence and tardiness.

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Human Resources Management.
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