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Full time to Part time, can an employee draw unemployment?

1) We have an employee that is a stock person only, they cannot run the cash register. They are working full time. If we cut them to part time, can they draw unemployment?

2) Can we eliminate the position as stock person and put them as a customer service rep and try to teach them to run the register and if they cannot run the register can we terminate them without them being able to receive unemployment?

3) We have a part time person averaging around 27 hours per week. How low can we cut their hours without them being able to draw unemployment?

An employer is allowed to change an employee’s job. If however the employee feels they cannot do that job and quit they may be eligible to collect, depending on location and reason. One reason would be for good cause that is attributable to the employer.

Partial unemployment benefits are typically awarded to employees, depending on location, when the employee works less than a full week and earns under a certain amount of money.

In both cases, you should understand how unemployment works in your state. The unemployment money you as the employer pay into the system for employees will never be returned to you. The money is typically available to help an employee’s economically during a period of transition to another jobs.

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