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employee with chronic absenteeism now out on medical leave

we are a small employer in the state of California, less than 10 employees. We have an employee who has been out for one reason or another to the point of it being habitual. right when we were going to write her up on her last call in, she calls and sends us a doctors slip who put her out on medical for a week, then before that week is up, she sends another doctors slip putting her out for a month. Can we replace her as her absenteeism will affect our cash flow as she is our biller.

The best way to handle an employee that has an absenteeism problem is to implement an attendance policy. You will need to implement the program for everyone.

An attendance policy is for punctual and regular attendance and it is the responsibility of all employees to get to work on time and miss as little time as possible.  Absence is defined as a failure of an employee to report for work when they are scheduled. All absences, except excused absence, are counted in the attendance policy.

1. Excused absence is defined as the employee provides sufficient notice; the reason is credible and accepted by the supervisor, the employee has accrued PTO, vacation or sick time to use.

2. Unexcused absence occurs when it is necessary for the employee to be absent or late for work because of illness or an emergency, or failure to report to work (can be job abandonment).

An example of a progressive discipline program for unexcused absences is;

First instance – a verbal warning

Second Instance – written warning

Third instance – written warning with a 2 day suspension without pay

Forth instance – is termination

If you doubt the doctor writing the notes, you can always send the employee for a second opinion. Make sure that you provide the doctor with a job description and he would need to address every responsibility.

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