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accomodating pregnat employee

I have a small officewith less than 6 employees on staff.My employee has told me that she is pregnant.She is only in her first b trimester and has fallen asleep at her desk, goes to the employee louge for prolonged periods of time, or basically disappears from her place.
She has been asked to make up her time for she is a full time employee and refuses to take any FMLA time for doctors appointments.
I do not have a staff that can accomodate her requests.
I have contacted the benfits department to advise me as management on how far does this have to go.She the employee also states i dont have any insurance so that she has to take whatever appointments that the clinic offers.
basically this is a customer service industry and its getting ridiculous here.She worked this past saturday and brought her daughter to work with her which was not approved in advance and the employee is turning this office upside down.
please advise

If you allow employee’s doctor’s notes for temporary disability with extended rest periods then you should treat this employee in the same manner. You should request that this employee provide a doctors excuse stating that she needs additional rest periods during the day. You do not need to accommodate the request if it creates an undue hardship for the company. You should also have a discussion with this employee, stressing the need for her to be her job and she should be ready and willing to work. If she does not comply and you cannot accommodate her request due to the nature of the business, she can be terminated. If she is in her first trimester this issue may pass and you may be able to accommodate her on a temporary basis.

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Human Resources Management.
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