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Hi – My Company is looking for a company that our HR department can be a member of and we are currently already a SHRM Member. Are there any other groups that express best practices in the HR Field that we should strive to?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the largest and most popular organization for HR Management and, in my opinion, the most reliable. Every aspect of HR Management is informatively addressed by SHRM. They clearly explain upcoming legislation, discuss trending HR issues and provide a vast selection of sample policies. In addition to being a national SHRM member, you could join a local SHRM chapter. Doing so increases the opportunity to network with nearby HR professionals. Many local chapters offer monthly gatherings to present “hot topic” trainings or simply to give members a chance to socialize.

It’s also a good idea to research local HR groups. There are many HR organizations at state levels. Since your previous question cites Connecticut as the workplace consider the Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut and the Human Resource Leadership Association of Eastern Connecticut.

Additionally, consider joining organizations within your company’s industry. For example, there are associations dedicated to supporting non profits. Joining such an organization would offer the opportunity to not only network with HR professionals but also other industry leaders which would provide a holistic approach to “best practices”.

Lastly, visiting websites like this one will give you the opportunity to solicit feedback and start discussions with HR professionals regarding all aspects of HR administration.

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