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Return to work letter

Show me a sample of return to work letter to an employee who has not been reporting to work without official leave of absence.

Addressing an employee’s absenteeism must be done in a timely manner in accordance with company policy. A no call/no show letter should include the specific dates the employee missed work without notification and the company’s attendance/job abandonment policy specifically the consequences of violations. It’s difficult to provide a sample letter without knowing the company’s attendance policy and past practice of disciplinary actions. Some employers consider an employee to have abandoned his job after three consecutive missed work days and will terminate the employment. Others will consider the initial letter a warning and offer the employee a short time period to contact the employer to discuss the reasons for the absence and returning to work.

Here is a generic letter:

Dear (Employee Name),

You failed to report to work and call in to communicate your absence on (list all dates). We attempted to contact you (enter attempts i.e. via phone, email). You have not responded to our communication or returned to work. As a result we consider your absences to be job abandonment and are terminating your employment.

Please contact us by (enter date, usually 3-5 business days) if you have extenuating circumstances that explain your absences. If we don’t hear from you, your employment will be terminated effective (enter date, usually last day worked).


(Designee Name and contact number)

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Attendance Management.
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