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Resume confidentiality between companies

I had a meeting yesterday with an IT company that wants me to outsource my I house IT person and contract with them. During the meeting they told me that I should be aware that my I house IT person had submitted his resume to their company and requested an interview. Therefore, I should expedite our association accordingly. I don’t doubt they are telling the truth. I had already planned to follow the outsource course of action. However, their tattling left a bad taste in my mouth. Are there any laws against that sort of thing or is that just bad form?

There is nothing illegal about one company informing another company that one of their employees applied for a job with them. However, the actions of the other company are unprofessional and raise some concerns. Based on the information provided, the fact that the third party company urged the employer to contract with them because the in house IT worker already submitted his resume is concerning. It seems as though they’re attempting to “twist your arm” to sign with them. Again, not an illegal situation but such actions would call their ethical and professional values in to question.

Also, it’s interesting that the in house IT worker new to apply to this particular third party company. Is it possible that the third party company reached out to the worker and encouraged him to apply? If so, what was said to the worker may provide more insight to the way the company does business and if its values are in line with the employer’s.

It’s important to consider all aspects of an outsourcing company before signing the contractual agreement. Ensuring the company can not only fulfill business needs but has similar business ethics and standards is essential in a good partnership.

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