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Time Off

An employee is requesting 3 weeks vacation but has less than 1 week in accumulated PTO. I have informed her that I can only authorize 1 week. She has informed me that she is taking the 3 weeks anyway. Would it be considered that she quit if she is gone longer than the 1 week that is authorized?

When an employee takes unexcused absences it’s generally considered job abandonment. It’s recommended to make it very clear to the employee that she is only approved for one week of vacation and any subsequent time off will be considered unexcused absences. The employee would then be subject to the disciplinary actions set forth in the company’s time and attendance policy, if one has been implemented. If not, it’s best to treat the unexcused absences as any such absences would normally be treated.

Absent a collective bargaining agreement or employment contract stating otherwise, a situation in which an employee is clearly insubordinate to her manager and takes unapproved days off for vacation purposes warrants termination of employment.

It’s important to document the discussion with the employee especially that the employee told you the time off is for vacation and that she expects to be insubordinate. It’s also recommended to send a follow up letter to the employee reiterating that she is approved for one week of vacation and unexcused absences will lead to disciplinary action.

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