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employee benefits

Can I switch a full time (40 hrs) employee to (16 Hrs)/week? If so, do their benefits change? (in Massachusetts)

Unless there is an employment contract to the contrary, employers are permitted to change work schedules, including reducing hours, as they see fit. As long as any changes are made due to business reasons and not based on discriminatory factors, it is perfectly legal for an employer to change an employee from full to part time employment.

Most benefits are provided at the discretion of the employer and as such, the determination of whether or not part-time employees are eligible for the benefits depends on the organization’s policies. The exceptions would be benefits that are mandated by law, such as leaves covered by FMLA and the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act, both of which are only provided to full-time employees.  Jury Leave, on the other hand, must also be provided to part-time employees as long as the days of jury service fall on the part-time employee’s scheduled work days.

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