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Employee training

A job position requires that an employee be certified by New York state prior to doing any work, who pays for training? A refresher class is required by the state every year, who pays. The initial class and refresher class is offered by the company as well as other training locations. There are fees associated with the certification, who pays. Classes range from a half day to 5 days depending on certification. NYS notifies the employee prior to the expiration of the certification, so the employee has ample time to schedule a refresher course, either at our in-house training facility or any other available facility.

While an employer may choose to cover the cost of employee certifications, licenses, or mandatory continuing education, it is under no obligation to do so. As with many other issues, the employer may establish their own policies, which may range from paying the partial or full cost of any classes and licenses to not contributing to this expense at all.

Employers may also decide to pay for certain certifications but not for others. As long as the policy is applied consistently across a class of employees, this is perfectly acceptable. For example, the employer may elect to pay for any required certification fees for electricians but not for bus drivers. As long as all bus drivers and all electricians are treated the same, the employer’s policy is legal.

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