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Convert vacation time from calendar year to anniversary year

Our company is potentially looking to convert our current vacation time tracking from calendar year to anniversary year. Any suggestions on a smooth transition?

The most important aspects to transitioning a vacation policy are updating the current policy, communicating the changes to staff and proactively addressing any potential issues.

It’s important to update the current policy with the revisions and it’s also a good time to review the entire policy to ensure its accuracy. Make sure the policy is clear and doesn’t leave anything up to assumption. A clear and easy to understand policy will avoid confusion and possible issues in the future.

Employees should be notified of policy changes as soon as possible. Advanced notice allows employees to ask questions and voice concerns prior to the effective date of the new policy. Employees tend to be less aggravated when given sufficient notice of policy changes. Also, keep in mind that some states require employers to provide notice, whether in writing or by posting, to employees of changes to vacation pay policies.

Consider any and all potential issues that may arise due to the transition. There will be added administrative responsibilities moving to an anniversary year. Will the person/department responsible for allocating vacation time be able to handle the constant allotments and calculations? Consider the effect of the new policy on each employee and address any potential issues proactively.

Taking the time now to plan ahead will pay off in the long run.

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