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Correcting Time Cards

I know of an employee who is deliberately inserting the wrong hours worked and know for a fact that those tomes are incorrect. Can a supervisor correct without notifying the employee first?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes recordkeeping requirements of employers. All employers covered under the act must maintain certain records for all non-exempt employees. Along with identifying information, the time and day of week when the employee’s workweek begins, hours worked each day, and total hours worked in workweek must be recorded. Employers have the ultimate obligation to ensure this information is correct; thus, an employer is able to edit an employee’s time card as appropriate.

It’s advisable to keep both the original time card and the revised one to show the corrections made. Clear documentation should be created to explain the reason for the adjustments.

It’s very important that you’re absolute certain of the corrections being made. Inaccurate adjustments causing the employee to not be paid for hours worked or not properly being paid overtime wages will most likely result in a wage and hour complaint. Employers found liable may be required to not only pay due wages but also significant penalties.

Though informing the employee prior to making the edits is not mandatory, it may be a good idea. Speaking with the employee first will ensure that without a doubt the correct hours are recorded and paid avoiding any potential lawsuit.

Employers should also hold employees accountable to time keeping policies and procedures. It seems there may be a disciplinary issue that must be addressed with the employee.

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