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Overtime with Vacation

I have an employee that asked for 2 days vacation, 16hours, and got those days off. She came in on her off days and worked for a total of 48.75 hours, 8.75 overtime. She’s upset that she doesn’t get her vacation. We explained that she is in overtime and adding 16 hours vacation time would make a 64 plus workweek when she is only scheduled for a 40 hour work week. What other way can I explain this to the employee?

It sounds like the employee wants to be paid for her hours worked and vacation time for the same hours. She is asking to double dip. Meaning, she wants to be paid two times for the same hours. Any company would refuse to do this. Explain to her that she cannot be paid two different ways (regular wages and vacation time) for the same hours. Since she didn’t actually take her vacation time she will be paid her normal wages for the time worked. When she chooses to use her vacation time then the appropriate vacation time will be paid.

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Human Resources Management.
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