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Employee Borrowing Money

I have an employee that is borrowing money all over town. I’ve already had to tell her to stop using the company telephone to call my customers and ask for money, but am now getting phone calls that she is going to various businesses around town or leaving notes on other employee’s vehicles or individual’s vehicles asking for money. She is a great employee, works hard, but we live in a small town and people associate her with my business. Need advise on how to handle this situation.

You don’t have total control over what the employee does after business hours. However, if the employee is contacting other employees or clients, her behavior affects the business and you have every right to request her to stop. The best approach is to be clear to the employee that her conduct is inappropriate and reflects on your business. Remind her that you requested her to stop soliciting money while in the office and you expect her to continue to respect your request in dealing with co-workers and clients. State the positive things the employee brings to the company and assure the employee that you hope her employment will continue by her adhering to set expectations. If the behavior continues it’s best to be more direct in stating that another incident will be cause for termination.

Though it’s not always recommended to become too involved in an employee’s personal matters, you may consider talking to her about why she is soliciting money so often. Maybe some time off or pay advance may help the situation. Before deciding to offer either, make sure you’re willing to offer the same benefits to other similarly situated employees now and in the future.

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