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I am in the process of starting my PHR Certification. SHRM is now offering their own certification. I am wondering if anyone has experience with either and would know which would be the best option. I hesitate to go towards the SHRM Certification because I am worried that it may not have the weight that the PHR Certification may have. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Even though SHRM encouraged HR professionals to obtain HRCI certifications for many years, they’ve now decided to create their own certifications. The HRCI certifications are highly regarded around the world and have been for some time. I have no doubt that SHRM’s own certifications will eventually be equally regarded. However, I’m not sure how long it will take them to develop the same level of esteem.

As of right now, the HRCI certifications hold more weight than the SHRM certifications, in my opinion. SHRM still has a long way to go in marketing their new certifications to employers. Whereas, employers are already aware of the HRCI certifications and the skills/knowledge a HRCI certified individual possesses.

So, I would encourage current HR professionals to get their PHR first since doing so will have a higher return on investment right now. Then, eventually obtain the SHRM-CP. As a HR professional holding a PHR, I plan to become a SHRM-CP by the end of this year.

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