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Unemployment Benefits Eligibility

Can an individual receive unemployment benefits for job abandonment?

Unemployment insurance programs are administered by each state. Thus, each state has its own eligibility criteria. Feel free to post another question or comment on this one with the specific state in question. We can then research state specific eligibility criteria.

Generally, unemployment benefits are awarded to individuals who are unemployed through no fault of their own and are readily available to work. So, generally speaking, an individual who failed to report to work and was subsequently terminated for job abandonment would normally not qualify for unemployment benefits.

However, some states give consideration to the reason why an individual was unable to report to work. For example, an individual who was unable to find daycare for a child or who didn’t have transportation to get to work may qualify for benefits. Also, an individual who claims the work environment was hostile or unhealthful in any way may also qualify for benefits.

It’s difficult to determine if an employee is eligible or not for unemployment benefits. Unemployment divisions across the country have been lenient with eligibility requirements in the past few years. It is up to the individual to file for unemployment benefits and the unemployment division to consider his eligibility. If he is deemed eligible, it’s then up to the employer to appeal the decision.

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