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Employee Suspension

We are suspending an employee without pay for 60 days. The employee fabricated an email to a financial regulator, and covered it up. We are a small firm, so he will be missed immediately. What if anything, are we permitted to say/tell the other employees?

Informing coworkers about an employee’s suspension is permitted; however, what specifically is said should be carefully considered. The employer still owes the suspended employee respect and trust.

Be short and sweet. Inform staff that the employee is currently suspended and his work responsibilities will be reassigned as needed. Some employers opt to not mention the suspension at all and simply tell staff that the employee is on leave. This is completely up to you. Informing staff that an employee is suspended rather than on leave reaffirms that there are consequences for poor performance and inappropriate behavior.

It’s fairly common to use this incident as a teachable moment, especially if you’re concerned with similar occurrences happening again. Without providing details or even mentioning the suspended employee, you may consider reviewing company policy/practice regarding professional behavior including expectations of honesty and integrity. Of course, this communication should be completely separate from the announcement of the employee’s suspension.

It’s worth mentioning that whatever you decide to say or not say sets a precedent for how you handle similar situations in the future. Managing similar situations in the same manner shows consistency and fairness. Conversely, handling them differently may lead to concerns about bias and inequality.

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2 Responses to “Employee Suspension”

  1. eric79 Says:

    It would be a bad idea not to give some kind of explanation. People will simply assume or worse gossip or imagine all sorts of things that will be likely untrue.

  2. hrlady Says:

    Good point, Eric79. Thanks for contributing.

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