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Copying Employee’s Identification

Can you make a copy of an employee’s social security card and driver license?

There are several reasons an employer may need to see and, at times, retain copies of an employee’s social security card and/or driver’s license.

Employers are required to complete and retain Form I-9 for verifying the identity and employment authorization of employees. Employees must present acceptable supporting documentation as stated on the form to confirm their identity and employment authorization. However, employers may not request employees to provide specific documents. Though not required, employers are permitted and often advised to retain copies of the provided documents. Such copies, along with the Form I-9, must be stored in a file separate from the employee’s personnel or employment file.

Employers may request to see an employee’s social security card in order to verify their name and social security number for tax purposes. The IRS neither requires nor prohibits an employer from making a copy of the card. However, many HR and legal professionals advise against doing so to reduce the risk of Form I-9 violations.

Lastly, an employee who is expected to drive as part of their job responsibilities should be required to submit their driver’s license number in order to ensure their license is valid. Many employers retain copies of the driver’s license to confirm the number provided is accurate. However, just like with the social security card, many HR and legal professionals advise against doing so to reduce the risk of potential Form I-9 violations.

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