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Falsifying Time Sheet

We suspect an employee is falsifying their time sheet. They are putting down their scheduled hours and not actual hours worked. The show up 15 minutes late each day. This puts a burden on the other 2 employees that are working. Is this a reason for immediate dismissal or would discipline steps be best?

Whether an employee falsifying his timesheet is grounds for immediate termination is really up to the employer. Time card fraud is handled differently by employers depending on company culture.

Many companies consider falsifying a time card to be deceitful behavior and gross misconduct; thus, warranting immediate termination.

Unless a collective bargaining agreement or employment contract states otherwise, most employees are considered to be at-will. Meaning, either the employer or employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time with or without cause or warning.

Thus, if you’re certain the employee is falsifying his hours worked (i.e. you have proof that he arrived late but still clocked in as on time) then termination is at your discretion.

Some employers don’t take time card fraud as seriously and may use progressive discipline to reprimand the employee. Progressive discipline provides a graduated range of responses to employee misconduct. Offenders may receive a verbal warning at first, then a written warning for subsequent violations, then suspension, and ultimately termination. If you take this approach remember to clearly inform the employee of your expectations/policies (falsifying timecards is strictly prohibited) and the consequence for continued violations (i.e. termination).

Consider what precedent you want to set and what culture you want to create in your company. Terminating the employee will send a clear message that time card fraud will not be tolerated. Whereas, giving a second chance to an otherwise a good employee shows your commitment and trust in your staff.

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Attendance Management.
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