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Informing Staff of Termination

Can I tell my staff members that I terminated someone due to their not following the attendance policy?

It’s perfectly legal to inform employees that a co-worker was terminated and even the reason for the termination as long as it’s the truth. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Telling staff that you fired their co-worker (and possible friend) could come across as boasting about the termination or threatening them with the same fate. Further, it could be perceived that you’re violating the employee’s privacy, even though legally you’re not, which may cause your workers to distrust you. None of this is conducive to a productive work environment.

Using the situation to set an example for staff is understandable. Consider using this time to remind employees of the attendance policy and the consequences for violations. Either schedule a meeting with all staff or bring it up at your next staff meeting. Face to face communication tends to get the message across more clearly than an emailed memo.

Employees may make the connection with the termination but at least you won’t look so villainous.

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Human Resources Management, Termination.
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